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TONY MULAS is a both a Canadian poet and the owner of a construction company. Most of his poems are autobiographical and based on true life experiences. He writes from a place of pureness and honesty, evoking powerful images and a sensuous mood. 
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Mike Algera is a mid-twenty something approaching thirty, he is a McMaster graduate, advent reader, Blogger and Googler, co-editor and co-publisher of Word Salad, heavyweight performer at the Artword Artbar and champion dog walker.

Jeremiah Walton is 18, and lives in New England where he manages Nostrovia! Poetry, a small publishing press dedicated towards bringing poetry to the youth. Street art and the DIY method are a part of his idealistic relationship with poetry.  
Dylan Jewers

Judith Robertson is a poet, a wanderer, and a painter who enjoys writing about and living between two islands: Newfoundland in the majestic North Atlantic and Longboat Key on the Gulf of Mexico. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and taught at the University of Ottawa (Canada) for many years. 
Damon Ferrell Marbut is a novelist and poet who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is author of the acclaimed book, Awake in the Mad World. His poems aim for honesty and vulnerability and focus mainly on the human moment at the merging point of imagination and reality.
Poppy Taylor lives in Cumbria, a stunningly beautiful and rural part of the UK. These days there is just her and her animals, with lots of trees and grass to sit and look out upon as she writes. Most of her work is based around true life experiences either her own or from observing and listening to others.
Wayne F. Burke writes to meet women, get laid, and make lots of money. Unfortunately he is still waiting for the women and money. No matter, he still writes. And for many reasons, one of them being to create something ~ which is, it seems to him, some sort of impulse or urge, or whatever you want to call it, inherent to human-kind.
A Black Alley Tail
James Beaton

Second Chances
Carrie Martin

Class Dismissed
Mark Rossi

Neil Ellman has been twice nominated for Best of the Net, as well as for the Rhysling Award from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Almost 800 of his poems, many of which are ekphrastic and written in response to works of modern and contemporary art, appear in print and online journals, anthologies and chapbooks throughout the world. His first full-length collection, Parallels: Selected Ekphrastic Poetry, 2009-2012, consists of more than 200 of his previously published works.
Terri Apple is one of the top voiceover actors in the country and author of Making Money In Voiceovers, and Terri Apple VOICEOVERS: Everything You Need to Know. Over her 30-year voiceover career, Terri has done thousands of commercials. Some of her voiceovers include BMW, Taco Bell, Tasters Choice, you name it, Terri's been hired to do it, at one time or another.
 An Unusual Day at the Met 
Richard Kyollnen
Forrest Jorgensen is a 19 year old university student now studying at U of A in Arkansas. He is passionate about equality and a better world for all of humanity. "....I don't do this to prove anything of myself, nor to make a mark, nor to be remembered. I just want to help make the world a better place."
 Cody T. Luff
About Selfies:

It is through the selfie, that one can make one's world appear how one wishes others to perceive one's world.

~ Jane Roberts

Timed out
Gary Hewitt 

Mr. Blue
Dennis Milam Bensie 

Another Day
Jeffery Wald 

Little Jimmy
Elizabeth Bruce 

Nathan Douglas Hansen is a writer, educator, and father. He began his writing career in the newspaper industry and turned to magazines before returning to his passion of teaching. Currently, he guides at-risk through American and World Literature, in addition to instructing Creative Writing classes. He works alongside his students, during which time he writes most of his poetry. 
Stefano Mazzega

This Is How It Happened
Paulette Dube

Jay Merill

Featured Artist

Impressions Of An Expatriate is an honest, firsthand examination of one expat's experiences living in China dealing with culture shock, racism, and assimilation. From his encounters with children grown in cages to bears fighting to the death in a pit at the base of the Great Wall, Jelen’s poems leave little to the imagination with haunting, vivid portraits that will take you on a trip.
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Summer Romance
Adrian Fort
Riding the Slow Croak
Chris McCartney
Split Pea
Ron Burch
Carl Miller Daniels lives in the United States. He's not a cowboy, but thinks about them a lot. His poems have appeared in many nice places, including Chiron Review, Citizens for Decent Literature, The Commonline Journal, FUCK!, My Favorite Bullet, and Zygote in my Coffee. Daniels has three chapbooks in print. And his first full-length book, Gorilla Architecture, was recently published by Interior Noise Press. His next full-length book, Saline, is in the works, also at Interior Noise Press. Daniels and his partner, Jon (aka "the sweetest man in the world" ), have lived together for over 30 years.

DARREN M. EDWARDS is a performance poet, essayist and teacher. He received both his B.S. and his M.S. in English from Utah State University. After graduating, he started his own publication project, New Graffiti: Literature on the Streets, which received a “Best in State” award from City Weekly. His essays and poetry have appeared in a number of journals including The Southern Quill, Referential Magazine, Camas, and Stone Voices.  
Carl Miller Daniels lives in the United States. He's not a cowboy, but thinks about them a lot. His poems have appeared in many nice places, including Assaracus, BareBack Magazine, Chiron Review, Citizens for Decent Literature, The Commonline Journal, DNA Magazine, My Favorite Bullet, and Zygote in my Coffee. Daniels has three chapbooks in print. And his first full-length book, Gorilla Architecture, was recently published by Interior Noise Press. His next full-length book, Saline, is in the works, also at Interior Noise Press. Daniels and his partner, Jon (aka "the sweetest man in the world"), have lived together for over 30 years.
Stepping in Shit
Alex Casola
Sometimes Sandy
Cheryl Ann Gardner
Mark Antony Rossi's poetry, criticism and fiction have been published by The Antigonish Review, Bareback Magazine, Black Heart Review, Collages & Bricolages, Cerebrus, Death Throes, Ethical Specacle, Deep South Journal, Flash Fiction, The Magill Review, Japanophile, On The Rusk, Purple Patch, The Journal of Poetry Therapy. He currently writes a weekly science humor column for The Magill Review. His most recent play "Eye of the Needle" was produced by Grin Theatre in Liverpool, England.
A Man of God
Karina Bush
Bob Sharp
The Immortal
Jackson Kinder
Anything Can Grow
Marion de Booy Wentzien
Joe Bogle
New From BareBackPress
MICHAEL E. STONE was born in England in 1938. His family moved to Australia in 1941, where he received his schooling, up to the completion of his BA (Hons.) degree in 1960. He lives in Jerusalem with his family. He has published poems in numerous literary journals and ezines as well as translations of medieval Armenian poetry. His poetry has also been anthologized in a number of collections. A book of his work, Selected Poems, was published by Cyclamens and Swords Press in 2010. 
or on
Remote Life slices into the reader’s mind like a paper cut, provoking thought, mild discomfort, and the unsettling thrill of a direct and immediate experience of reality. In this collection of poems, Edward Anki addresses the disconnectedness of modern urban existence in raw and unforgiving terms, offering an unfiltered take on everything from the struggles of dating to the stark actualities of aging and death.

Jordan Vazquez lives in Toronto and studies philosophy at Ryerson University. He owns an iPod, a Blu Ray player, and a large collection of books that sit on his bookshelf. These things make him happy. Sometimes he writes short stories and poetry, and occasionally people like them. His art is a play on the ambiguity of modern art. Most of his work came about as the result of online Pictionary, where players were challenged to guess the word he was drawing based on pictures. If you want to play, don’t look at the titles.

Edward Anki lives in Toronto, Canada. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in various magazines and journals, including Qwerty, The Chaffin Journal, Mad Poets Review, Plain Spoke, Jobbers, and Left Behind: A Journal of “Shock” Literature. He has also been featured on both The Emerging Writers Reading Series and The Art Bar Poetry Series. Edward has previously performed stand-up comedy, earned a degree in Psychology at the University of Toronto, and worked far too many nights in bars and restaurants. Remote Life, now available from BareBackPress, is his first published poetry collection. 
Jeff Nazzaro
Catcher on the Sly
Calvin Gimpelevich
Aoibheann McCann
Online Dating
Richard Kyllonen
trick candles 
there is no wrong answer 
Ben Newell

Broke down Broke
Seagulls take to the skies, 
Men take to their graves 
Tom Pescatore

in response to car horns 
and hammering before 8 a.m.
her shitty red car
John Grochalski 

the girl with the bruised mons pubis 
Jordan Vazquez 

Every Day Frustration 
A Modern Poem 
John Kaniecki

Holiday Poem 
. Shopping Talk 
John D. Robinson 

People Watching Power: 
Juliette Klein 

the hopscotch of philosophy 
homesick pajamas 
Carl Miller Daniels

Mrs. Baguette
Doc Morrison 
Wayne F. Burke

Frank Grigonis

 A New Release from BareBackPress
Wayne F. Burke

One of the best volumes of poetry published this year or any year, DICKHEAD is an absurdist knuckle sandwich that deals in realism and farce in equal measures: simultaneously a punch to the gut and massage--jasmine mixed with hemlock--a ride through the Tunnel of Love and into the Fun House...An eclectic stew of poetry that engages both soul and spleen, heart as well as mind. 

5.25" x 8" 
108 pa pages
​ISBN-13: 978-1926449050
ISBN-10: 1926449053 
BISAC: Poetry/General